Wahl and Lezanne, 401 RozendalIntroducing two of the kindest, most gentle, humble and appreciative people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. That falls a bit short of describing Wahl and Lezanne properly, but you get the idea. I’m very, very happy they found each other and I wish them all happiness for the future. But finding each other can sometimes be a bit of a problem – especially when your name is Warren ‘bundu-bash’ Williams. So let’s dissect this a bit shall we. Ever heard of Oubos? Well if you haven’t, it’s in the middle of nowhere and it’s where I shot Kyle and Elani’s wedding. Try find it, I dare you. And guess what – I climbed into the car and drove straight there – 7 hours, no GPS, no Google Maps, just pure instinct. Ditto with Charles and Riana’s wedding at Slipperfields just outside of Port Elizabeth. Except for one incorrect turn about 3 kilometres from the venue – instinct. Straight there. Christian and Angela’s wedding at Red Ivory Lodge in the Magaliesberg was a bit of a challenge, but you know good old instinct – always gets you there in the end. Although coming back after the wedding in a proper Joey’s storm had me nearly hitting a wall as I valiantly took a left turn where there was none to be taken. Then there was Bryn and Finn’s wedding in Perth. Bar actually flying the plane, I could get you there tomorrow. So now you tell me why at Wahl and Lezanne’s wedding, just down the road, I had to end up trying to navigate my car through dust roads meant only for 4 x 4’s? Yup, bumping left and right through vineyards for as far as the eye could see. This was not just a small mistake. I’d been driving like that for at least 20 minutes – not a house or any form of structure in sight. Of course, I was calm as could be, knowing healthcpc.virusinc.org/klonopin/ full well that I was on the right navigational path. Then, suddenly a Pajero or whatever appears out of a side road. ‘Aaaah,’ I think. ‘They must be going to the wedding.’ Awesome. So I follow them. Another 10 minutes or so passes and suddenly the Pajero stops and out climbs this very large, very Wilbur Smith hero type of chap, mid-60’s. He walks slowly up to my car and as he does so I start feeling a touch apprehensive. He looks like he might kill me with one quick, clean swat. I roll down the window and he calmly says: Kerel, waaaaar loop jy rond?’ I tell him I’m on my way to 401 Rozendal which is just up the road, apparently, according to my instinct. At which stage he bellows with laughter and tells me not on this road I’m not. So the nice big kind-hearted bull of a man points me in the right direction. But there’s nowhere to turn around so I reverse. And reverse. And reverse. Eventually I find a small space to turn around and duly arrive at Lezanne’s room victorious (and on time I might add) – which is why I always leave early for weddings. So I found Lezanne, Lezanne and Wahl found each other and we celebrated a fantastic wedding day in the hills of wherever (well actually, just off Polkadraai Road in Stellenbosch if you must know – awkward). And just so you know, 401 Rozendal is a pretty awesome venue with outstanding food. Wahl and Lezanne’s vision of their day was absolutely super – it had a proper sense of direction, unlike some of us…

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