Wayne and Lauren, Boesmanland, Langebaan. It all started probably about 4 years ago. I arrived to photograph the SA Weddings Bride of the Year event at Lagoon Beach Hotel when this delightful Event Coordinator (or whatever her title was) walked up and shook my hand. All very, very professional you know. Then it all kind of went belly up and downhill from there. Lauren Atkinson soon became my La, Lolly, Lolly-poll’s, Lolly-polly-poepsy-pie – in fact anything I could come up with whenever and wherever. But I’m not alone in this. Such is her personality that everyone calls her these names of endearment. I mean look at these photos! Look at her face! She’s wasn’t just like this on her wedding day – she’s like this EVERY day. I LOVE you Lolly – you make the world a much, much better place. Then of course there’s the lucky chap who struck gold and got the opportunity to spend forever with this girl, Wayne. Sorry girls, he’s taken. Tough I know, but you’ll have to come to terms with it I’m afraid. Because Wayne is the male form of our La. Don’t slit your wrists now, but he is, sorry, sorry, he was, a bit of a catch. A true gentleman, an epic father to Matthew, never has a bad word to say about anyone, pretty chilled yet dynamic. And for what it’s worth, he can surf. Like he actually knows how to stand up on a floating piece of board in the water and do tricks on it. So imagine this wedding. From Lauren (apparently) putting Wayne’s ring onto the wrong finger during the ceremony, to shrieks of laughter as the wind ripped havoc with every proceeding, to lots of love and more love and even more love, this was da bomb. Entertainment was provided in the bridal room by La and her mom chatting to each cymbalta online coupon other. It was poetry in motion listening to the two of them communicate like only a mother and daughter who really understand each other can. Extremely funny. More entertainment was provided as La smashed her head unceremoniously against the TV stand nearly knocking herself out in the process. It must have taken her a full two minutes to regain her composure. Even more entertainment was provided as La had a very uncharacteristic semi-wobble and almost lost it as her nerves kicked in just before leaving for the ceremony. ‘I’m beading, I’m beading, mom I’m beading’ said Lolly, hyperventilating magnificently as bridesmaids tried hugely ineffectively to calm her down. This was just magnificent and way better than any comedy channel. Oh wait, there was yet more entertainment to come. So who remembers that one groomsmen (can’t remember his name) posing up on the dune like a duck trying to lay an egg? What was he thinking? ‘Say there, howdy y’all, think I’m just gonna stand here and pretend to be a duck hatching an egg – how do I look ma peeps?’ This is not Warren having a fantasy creative writing moment – this is true! This is what actually happened! So there you go.So, I decided to buy Viagra at the pharmacy” viagragener.com” and tried it a week ago. First came the boudoir, then came the e-session and finally, along came the Boesmanland wedding – and it did not disappoint in any respect, at all. There will be more shoots to come. There will be more stories to tell. I know – it’s just the way these guys are.Wayne and Lauren, Boesmanland, LangebaanWayne and Lauren, Boesmanland, Langebaan Warren Williams Photography-2 Warren Williams Photography-28Warren Williams Photography-27 Warren Williams Photography-26 Warren Williams Photography-29 Warren Williams Photography-30 Donna Hay makeup Warren Williams Photography-32 Warren Williams Photography-34 Warren Williams Photography-35 Warren Williams Photography-36 Warren Williams Photography-69 Warren Williams Photography-37 Warren Williams Photography-33Warren Williams Photography-38 Warren Williams Photography-47 Warren Williams Photography-46Warren Williams Photography-40 Warren Williams Photography-3Warren Williams Photography-48Warren Williams Photography-49 Warren Williams Photography-41 Warren Williams Photography-50Warren Williams Photography-13Warren Williams Photography-51 Warren Williams Photography-52 Warren Williams Photography-53 Warren Williams Photography-54 Warren Williams Photography-43 Warren Williams Photography-42 Warren Williams Photography-55Warren Williams Photography-4 Warren Williams Photography-56Warren Williams Photography-5 Warren Williams Photography-6 Warren Williams Photography-7 Boesmanland Plaaskombuis Warren Williams Photography-61 Warren Williams Photography-62 Warren Williams Photography-58 Wayne and Lauren, Boesmanland, Langebaan Warren Williams Photography-59 Warren Williams Photography-57 Warren Williams Photography-60 Warren Williams Photography-44 Warren Williams Photography-12 Warren Williams Photography-11 Warren Williams Photography-19 Warren Williams Photography-24 Warren Williams Photography-23 Warren Williams Photography-22 Warren Williams Photography-21 Warren Williams Photography-20 Warren Williams Photography-39 Warren Williams Photography-14Warren Williams Photography-17 Warren Williams Photography-64 Warren Williams Photography-15 Warren Williams Photography-65Warren Williams Photography-66Warren Williams Photography-67Warren Williams Photography-68Warren Williams Photography-16 Warren Williams Photography-18

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