Tinus, Blanche and the kids scrubbed up and reported for duty for their Cape Town CBD photoshoot. As per normal I’d hatched a cunning plan. Well, I hatched what I thought was a cunning plan. You see, according to my reasoning I honestly believedĀ that the city centre would be dead as a doornail at 4.00pm on a Sunday afternoon. Wroooong. It seems that Cape Town CBD is the new ‘in thing’ on Sundays. The entire Western Cape was roaming the streets. There were traffic jams – and most of the shopped were closed. Quite bizarre really. I mean, don’t people go to the beach anymore, orĀ at very least braai on a Sunday followed by an afternoon nap? So my plan sort of just fell apart from the start as we dodged some very interesting and colourful characters (we’re not called the Rainbow Nation without reason I tell you). As an overseas tourist you might feel somewhat like a fish out of water at times as you make your way past some of our locals. As a Capetonian it’s just plain funny and entertaining. Even refreshing. ‘Lekker my broer, ek se!’ Anyway, we managed to keep ourselves busy in and amongst the ‘Slaapstaders’ and even managed to set off a security alarm along the way. Think I might pop down into the city again in a week or two to photograph some of the local mob – believe me, there’s a LOT of interesting material out there. VEE PEE jou lekker ding!

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