Cool kids these. Sometimes too cool for their own good. Meet Rachael, Robbie, Josh and Edward.

They’re all extremely bright, well-mannered and a heck of a lot of fun. I can tell you this for a fact because I’ve known them all from the very first day each of them set foot on this planet. Which does have a bit of a downside because I have a lot of stories to tell about each of them. I could spills the beans properly here but I have to tread carefully because trust me, they’ll find a way to punish me, probably via some Tequila and Jaggermeister or a mixture of both. So I’ll try and be kind as I give you the background on each of them.

First there’s Rache. Disgustingly clever, battles for looks, incredible personality, kind, caring, dog lover of note. Born and bred Cape Town girl, now living in Chicago. Her mother misses her to death. I desperately want to shoot her wedding one day.

Then there’s Rob, Robbie or Roberto! He’s the dark-haired chap. He could have at least shaved for the shoot, but he didn’t because he’s a man’s man and does things his way. Works for SAB. A brewmaster. Drinks beer for a living. Earns decent loot. Has an awesome laugh. Has a hot girlfriend.

Then there’s Josh (he in the dark blue t-shirt). Lawyer. Great job. Well-read. Extremely interesting to talk to. Defines the term ‘well-balanced.’ Enjoys a quiet brandy – neat (yes, he’s a connoisseur). Flipping amazing person. Everyone likes him. Probably SA’s most eligible bachelor right now.

Then there’s Edward (or Tedward as I call him). He’s the tallest of the bunch. An absolute machine. Artistic and musical. Plays the drums like a legend. Charismatic, positive, full of energy, brilliant laugh. Was once so ditzy that he’d probably have walked through a closed door without realizing it. Has made a full mental recovery to the extent that he now even knows my name. Hot girlfriend.

So anyway, Rache pops back to Cape Town from Chicago and Robbie makes a guest appearance down from Jo’burg at the same time. Their mom Judy (legend in her own right, but more about that another day) asks me if I wouldn’t mind taking a photo of the guys together. ‘Noooo problemo Judes,’ I say. One thing leads to another and it turns out we have more than just one photo. We have a whole lot of photos. Because this mob really are such cool kids. Love you guys madly!

PS: Hey Rob, are you going to propose at some stage bro?

(And that question just earned me a Tequila).

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