So there I am readying myself to shoot Bryn and Fin’s wedding in Perth and this message pops up on my Facebook Messenger: ‘Hey Warren howzit – see you’re in Perth. Would be good to catch up for a beer or a coffee.’ It’s Dawie and Wilhelmien. I shot their wedding 5 years back, almost to the day. Er, a beer or a coffee? Is there a choice here? Probably not, because if there’s one thing about Oz, there are coffee shops EVERYWHERE. Blink and there’s another one. But the beer I’ve tasted is pretty good so hey, not a bad idea to start with a beer and maybe we could then ease ourselves into a coffee afterwards. Anyway, I tell them I’m busy shopping for some gifts for the family. The thing is, Warren and shopping don’t go overly well together. It’s usually a case of shop at the last minute, go in, chose item, pay, get out. For example, Christmas shopping for me is normally a 15 minute exercise all in. But here I am in Fremantle. So when in Fremantle, walk. Go into every shop. Look at everything. Pass out at the prices. Go to the next shop. Which I quite literally did. I went to the markets and walked probably about 20 kilometres that day. Just looking. Then I found THE shop. It had everything I needed. UGG boots, purses, smelly stuff, oh, and t-shirts and hoodies for me. Perfecto. If you’re ever in Fremantle go to Australian Lifestyle at 58 Market Street. It’s cool. If you don’t ever go to Fremantle, then not to worry.

Anyway, time was running out so I had to cut the shopping short. Had to meet Dawie and Mien you know. So I head back to the Fremantle is there a generic cymbalta coming out Station where they’re going to pick me up. They arrive, we look for each other and BOOM, there they are! Just the same as 5 years back, except this time, there’s little Frantz in tow. I get into the car and ask them when they’re heading back to SA. We’re speaking Afrikaans. I’m feeling like I could be in Pofadder. They tell me they aren’t heading back – they live in Oz. I go silent. So here I’ve been liking Facebook posts of theirs x, y, z since forever and all the time I think they’re still in Grabouw. Shows how much attention I pay to Facebook posts. Tricky. We go off and have lunch at Little Creatures. It’s just an awesome vibe – a working brewery that’s a restaurant on the waters edge. We eat oysters and pizza and drink a beer. I suggest that we maybe just have to by mistake have a family photo shoot the next morning. Young Frantz seems keen. I look at my watch. Whoooops, shopping time is running out. I say cheers and head back to Australian Lifestyle, then hit the train (air-conditioned nogal) and head home.

Next morning at 7.00am the guys pick me up and we head back to Fremantle. I seriously, seriously enjoyed this place. Gets the creative juices flowing, it’s eclectic and you can just people watch forever and ever. So below is what happened as we wandered around. As for the coffee. Yup, we had a coffee, the last photo below proves it. It was just awesome to see these guys again – along with young Pikkewyn…

Dawie, Mien and Frantz, Fremantle, Western Australia Dawie, Mien and Frantz, Fremantle, Western Australia Dawie, Mien and Frantz, Fremantle, Western Australia Dawie, Mien and Frantz, Fremantle, Western AustraliaFremantle family photographers Dawie, Mien and Frantz, Fremantle, Western AustraliaFremantle photos Warren Williams Photography-10 Warren Williams Photography-9Warren Williams Photography-28 Warren Williams Photography-11 Warren Williams Photography-2 Warren Williams Photography-7Warren Williams Photography-1Warren Williams Photography-14 Warren Williams Photography-15 Warren Williams Photography-16 Warren Williams Photography-18 Warren Williams Photography-29 Warren Williams Photography-30 Warren Williams Photography-19 Warren Williams Photography-5 Warren Williams Photography-24 Warren Williams Photography-20 Warren Williams Photography-21 Warren Williams Photography-23 Warren Williams Photography-22 Warren Williams Photography-6

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