The Jeenes Family. Now let’s see, there’s actually quite a lot to tell here.

I first met the very vibrant Jeenes Family, when Tam got married to Karl on a blistering hot day in Stellenbosch back in March 2012. An embarrassing day it was for me that, because I shot the first 4 hours of their wedding with my ‘fly’ down until Tam’s dad kindly pointed it out to me. Tricky. A few months later and Tam entered me into the Cape Talk/Softline Pastel Awards and I was lucky enough to become one of the finalists. You can read all about that awesome experience over here. Time passed. And then, 2 weeks ago, Tam called me again. ‘It’s my mom’s birthday and we’d like to give her a family photo shoot as a gift’ she said. What a fine idea! So mom and dad came down from the Wilderness where they own a restaurant and we all got together on a darned chilly, but superbly clear day near the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve. We got going with everyone in high spirits. At one stage I asked Tam and Lauren’s brother, Adin to go and plonk himself down at the foot of an old oak. I asked him if he was married or had a girlfriend and he answered in the negative. Still waiting for the right girl apparently. ‘Hell, Adin, I think we’ll just call you Rocky Rustic from now on.’ Seems it was a fine name, because after I put a pic of good old ‘Rocky Rustic’ onto my Facebook page, promoting him as an eligible bachelor, the interest was um, substantial. So girls, if you’d like a date with ‘Rocky Rustic,’ here are the credentials Tam and Lauren are looking for to secure you that once-in-a-lifetime experience with their brother:

1. Must be able to cook good pasta.

2. Must be a wild child (i.e.: wake up early, go for long walks, surfing, bare-back horse riding, abseiling and the like).

3. Must be able to scan and fax a document (‘Rocky Rustic’ finds this somewhat difficult to do).

4. Must be quite keen on photography.

5. Must be a good kisser (actually, that wasn’t a prerequisite, but I thought I’d throw it in anyway because it certainly isn’t going to harm anyone now is it?)

Good luck ‘Rocky,’ hope you find that perfect catch!

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