The Allardice Family, Clifton. And so the story continues… First up was Taya’s Bat Mitzvah and the whole Saturday Night Fever thing. Whisky and whizzing around on the dance floor as it were. You can see Taya’s Bat Mitzvah over here. Then came a day’s rest, just so that our team of merry dancers could recover a little. Although by all accounts, it seems a day of rest wasn’t actually needed – the guys were up and firing on all cylinders nice and early the very next morning. But now it was 8.00am and Clifton beckoned. Luckily we chose Clifton because the rest of the Mother City was in the throws of a properly violent South-Easter. But down Clifton way – still as a sleeping baby. So down we marched. Now the challenge with big family shoots is that, mark my words, they can turn to chaos in the blink of an eye – this one running that way, so-and-so popping off to the loo, the next one twisting an ankle, the other one wanting that specific photo and so it goes. But this Allardice mob are they of the good variety. They’re also quite fond of a chirp or two which helps the cause dramatically. Some very nice coordinated clothing helped a lot as well. Fantastic, fantastic. Isn’t the quality of our Cape Town beaches just incredible? It never ceases to amaze me what we have right on our doorstep. There cannot possibly be any other country in the world that can compete with us. And so we played and played and had fun. An hour and a half later and it was job done as the Allardice clan headed for a very well-deserved brekkie. Chaps, hope you’ve all arrived safely at your respective home bases around the world. Let’s absolutely do it again sometime – you’re all very cool people – fact.
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The Allardice Family, Clifton



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