Mother’s Day is a wonderful thing. You see, it’s a day when mom’s get all the love and good things they deserve for putting in a ton of work – every single darned day, of every single  year. They’re quite under-rated you know. Think about it. They’re up at the proverbial ‘Sparrow’s’, they make breakfast, make school lunches, pick up, drop off, take here, take there, do this, do that (I know I’m being vague, but anything you can think of they are generally at the centre of), book this, pack that, help with homework, shout a bit, put you in your place (when needed), and above all, they absolutely love, support and defend you to the core of their beings. And they do this for their kids, their dogs, the cat, the fish, the stinky mouse, their husbands and their friends. And that’s after giving birth (which trust me here, no man on this earth would survive – ever). So in a nutshell, they’re quite special people. So on Mother’s Day morning, I left Helen at home (and she didn’t moan about it once – SPECIAL), and headed off to the Nixon’s for their family photoshoot. And who met me at the door on Mother’s Day? Mom did! I felt welcome the moment I climbed out the car. Because that’s what mom’s do. Then dad, Mike came through with this great big beaming smile. It just got better and better. The downside was that their house is a bit dodgy as you’ll see in the photos, but hey, what can you do? The upside, was that Mike has a pretty cool wine cellar – I could DEFINITELY spend a bit of time in there chatting about whatever springs to mind. So… long story short – if the truth be told, I could have spent the entire day shooting at their home, but it was Mother’s Day, so eventually and somewhat regrettably, I headed back home to an afternoon of movies with Hellie and the kids under the duvet. So to all the mom’s out there, we love you – and thanks for being the best people ever.

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