Ah the Tuckers, the Tuckers, the Tuckers. Let’s see now. So the story begins when I was a mere child of 6 years old. My gran used to read this book to us which was titled: ‘The Tuckers.’ Basically, it was about a completely dysfunctional family. It was a home that was filled with love and affection and all that good stuff. But things just kind of went wrong. It’s what made the Tuckers awesome. We’d beg our gran to read us that book over and over (which she did, simply because I think she enjoyed it as much as we did). In her very late years, my gran started referring to our own family as the Tuckers – pandemonium from start to finish. Not that I’m saying the bunch of Tuckers in this photo shoot are chaos and pandemonium. Well okay, maybe just a little – but show me a young, healthy family that isn’t a bit frenetic? Anyway, I first met Blake and Rachael out our church, Common Ground – check it out – incredibly awesome church set amongst the vineyards of the Constantia Valley. Close to Constantia Uitsig Wine Estate too which is undergoing a magnificent transformation (try that new cycling track they have because the kids are going to love it the most). I’m digressing as I do. Blake was one of the very first people to make me feel supremely welcome and at ease at Common Ground. He’s an absolute legend. Anyway, he and Rache have now left our fine shores to go and plant a church in Madagascar. Big move. HUGE. Up and out of your is generic cymbalta as good as name brand comfort zone, off to a new land, kids in tow, learn a foreign language, plant a church, you know, just everyday sort of stuff. Oh, and get this – their only mode of transport right now (for the 5 of them) is 1 x fairly dodgy motorbike. How’s that for commitment and a bit of straight-out-of-the-box inspiration? But they’re being led all the way and making it happen. So back to the shoot before I get carried away. I arrive in Scarborough and they’re already there. Funnily enough, water restrictions and all, it’s actually pretty cold and the wind is blowing hard. We get going and the kids are doing well in not altogether ideal conditions. Well, all except for little Knox. Pirates would get grumpy in this weather and Knox in this instance, was on their side. Take a look at him having a bit of a wobble in the pics below – you go boy! But we did the thing and I’m really happy that these photos represent very faithfully a fine family doing extraordinary things. If you’re at all interested, they run a blog all about their work in Madagascar. You’ll find it here: https://tuckersintana.wordpress.com See you when you get back again you marvelous people.

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The Tucker Family, Scarborough

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