Ute and the gang, Blouberg. It started out with a mail. Copy and paste…

Name: Ute

Subject: Fotos


Dear Warren, we are two couples with four kids. These are the facts;-) We travel to Cape Town/Hout Bay this week for two weeks-facts too… And we would love to have pictures of our life… maybe at the sea or somewhere else. I checked a few ones… but your photos and the style / making of it was the best. That’s why I /we wanna have you! Do you have a few hours for us? love from hamburg. Ute

 Then there began a flurry of mails back and forth between Ute and myself and it was decided that when in New York, you visit Lady Liberty and when in Cape Town, you visit the beaches of Blouberg. Anyway, I meet Ute and the mob at the NewsCafé in Tableview, where they’re all happily tucking into calamari and beer. Nice holiday vibe going on I tell you. We make our way down to the beach and I can’t help but reminisce over the days when Hellie and myself would drag (quite literally), 3 snotty nosed kids onto the beach in the heat and the wind, weighed down by bats, balls, prams, cooler boxes x, y, z. And then to top it all Robbie would invariably need to poo (which he would do right there and then in front of all and sundry). Fun tiiiiimes. Anyway, back to the present…

I chat to the guys about this being a family shoot, which means that in my books we don’t pose, but rather concentrate on having fun. The words have hardly come out of my mouth when Ute goes screaming off down the beach, kids and hubby in hot pursuit. To cut a very energetic story short, this shoot took about 90 minutes. I don’t think in that time I stood still for more than maybe 10 seconds max. My experience of people from Hamburg is that they like to move. Fast. A lot. While making a noise. I’m sure I must have muttered ‘freaks’ under my breath more than once. But boy, was it cool. I’ve done Blouberg with love and romance, with mist, with sexiness, with wind and rain, with tears, with proposals, with dogs, with locals, internationals, singles, couples. I’ve even taken the odd selfie on Blouberg. But doing Blouberg Hamburg-style, now THAT was just plain wild. Here are a few of these fine folks’ photos.

Ute and the gang, Blouberg Ute and the gang, Blouberg Warren Williams family photographer cape town south africa Warren Williams family photographer cape town south africa blue sky family photo shoot photos of tourists in cape town blog-3-250x350-31 blog-1-250x350-27 blog-1-250x350-26 blog-3-250x350-30 blog-3-250x350-32 untitled_7-250x350-03 untitled_7-250x350-05 holidaymaker family photos cape town Warren Williams top family photographer Warren Williams Photography best beach photographer untitled_7-250x350-10 untitled_7-250x350-13 untitled_7-250x350-11 untitled_7-250x350-12 untitled_7-250x350-07 untitled_7-250x350-08 untitled_7-250x350-15 untitled_7-250x350-14 untitled_7-250x350-16 Blouberg family photo shoot with Warren Williams Photography Blouberg family photo shoot with Warren Williams Photography untitled_7-250x350-17 blog-3-250x350-36 blog4-250x350-47 blog4-250x350-48 ute-and-the-gang-blouberg-18 blog-3-250x350-37 blog-3-250x350-38 blog-3-250x350-39 blog-3-250x350-40 blog-3-250x350-41 blog-3-250x350-42 blog-3-250x350-43 blog-3-250x350-44 Blouberg family photo shoot with Warren Williams Photography Blouberg family photo shoot with Warren Williams Photography untitled_7-250x350-22 untitled_7-250x350-23 untitled_7-250x350-24

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