Good question. Sometimes I’m deep in a forest scrambling over rocks and climbing down ravines. Other times I’m in a bird hide. But more often than not I’m lost in my own thoughts, far down a beach, or exploring an isolated country track, or across deep swathes of sand-dunes. My vision has always been to immerse myself in the real rhythm of nature and to capture the raw, pure, honest essence of its spirit and soul. The heartbeat of life is my canvas and light is my paintbrush. Intuition and instinct coupled to experimentation and a willingness to recognise that there is an opportuity in any direction I look is what drives my creative process, approach and thinking. I don’t believe in copying other photographers or their styles. I believe in following my own journey, in blazing my own trails, in setting my own standards creating powerful work that evokes emotion and inspires interest. Whenever someone looks at my work and says: ‘what a lovely painting’ I know I’ve succeeded in creating what I wanted. I sincerely hope you enjoy my work.

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