Corrien’s rustic boudoir took place on an ice cold, windy, rainy, overcast day in the fields and on a farm between Hopefield and Vredenburg.If the truth be told, I nearly called the shoot off. It was that miserable with the rain literally swirling all around us. I just couldn’t bring myself to actually expose Corrien to the sort of conditions that we were faced with. But, a rustic boudoir is a rustic boudoir and judging from Corrien’s attitude when she climbed from her car in the near pitch-black early morning pre-dawn darkness, the shoot was going to happen no matter what. So off we went, stopping first at the Berg River Station for a spot of hyperthermic hysteria before heading off to a friend’s farm called Kleinebegin. Women are tough I tell you, because I know of no man who would willingly, smilingly and energetically put himself through the sheer torture we were faced with. Icelandic blizzard of note. At one stage, Corrien turned to me and said: ‘What is it with us? Why whenever you and I are involved in anything photographic do we have this whole rain and storm thing?’ She was of course, referring to her and JJ’s wedding (which you can see over here), where we were faced with pretty much the same thing. I remember her bridesmaids having goosebumps on their goosebumps that day as we went through the photos. ‘Suck it up girls, we’re almost there!’ And they did. 100%. I’m going to be shooting Corrien, JJ and little baby Emma shortly. We’ll search for a warm day for sure!

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