Lauren texted me about 3 days before her seaside boudoir. ‘I’m so nervous. I don’t know if I can do this.’ Then 2 days before she texted me again. ‘I’ve had my hair done, I’m excited.’ Then came seaside boudoir day itself. I woke up early, had a cup of coffee and jumped into the car. It’s was absolutely freezing with the temperature gauge on the car clocking in at 1 degree Celsius. I parked the car at our rendevous point, and the next thing there was Lauren, her fiancé Wayne and Lauren’s bestie Jess. Off we went, trudging upwards and onwards into the dunes. Chit-chat blah, blah, huff and puff. 20 minutes later we arrived in the dunes, unpacked La’s bag and went through her clobber. The wind factor was also making things decidedly more chilly generic cymbalta expensive than that 1 degree Celsius and I wasn’t sure La was going to be able to survive. But boy, did she surprise me. Off she went behind a bush, changed into her first set of lingerie and BOOM, it was game on. Lauren is an absolute photographers dream – vibrant, bubbly, energetic and just so keen and positive about life it’s quite inspirational to be around her. Thanks for a wonderful day out La, you were beyond amazing. If you’d like to see a snippet on my thoughts about this boudoir shoot go here: And if you’d like to see Wayne and Lauren’s e-session, go here:

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