I continually say to Helen that the biggest challenge facing me is challenge itself. Deep hey? But it’s actually true. Trying to continually reinvent oneself can be quite a tough, if not enjoyable exercise. So I love it when I get a bit of a curve ball thrown at me. When this happens I generally do a bit of pacing and talk to whoever will listen. Usually it’s Helen, while she’s rustling up supper.  I’m not sure that she actually listens to what I have to say, but I let it all out anyway. So anyway, I get this call from Katya and she says: ‘Warren, I want to do a sexy shoot with a friend of mine. We’re not engaged, we’re not an item, we’re just mates.’ Immediately I have this image of this boy and girl dressing up in a nurses uniform and a cowboy outfit. Uh-oh. Wroooong. This is going to be just a little bit sexier than that. So we meet at the beach. Katya has a body that has me desperately trying to keep eye contact with her and Oswin could probably carry a Wildebeest on his shoulders. The guy is seriously built. I take one look at him and say: ‘Bro, I know it’s hot, but I’m not going to take my shirt off if you don’t mind. I ate a pizza last night and my BMI is probably a bit off kilter today.’ I show him my biceps and he doesn’t say a word – I reckon he knows deep down in his heart that he probably has some catch up work to do. For the next 3 hours we do our thing and yes, it’s challenging. Directing 2 people who are laughing with nervous hysteria isn’t easy at the best of times. But when you’re trying to make them look like they’re supposed to be all sexy and erotic, believe me, it’s trying. Worse still, when the um, energy is there a generic cymbalta does start flowing it tends to steam up 1 x photographers glasses so that actually focusing on the er, action, becomes an almost impossible task. So we shrieked with laughter, trudged through lots of soft sand (I think Oswin really battled in the sand – I, on the other hand skipped across it like a Sandpiper), and did our thing. But on a serious note, this was not an easy shoot. A challenge is sometimes more than simply a challenge. The trick here was to makle the shoot look all sexy and erotic without making it look lurid and crude. Tricky. Very, very tricky. This was a very tough assignment to get right because there’s a very fine line between what is acceptable and what is not. And we all know what is not acceptable I think. So here then is something a little more steamy than usual. And I’d absolutely love your feedback – good, bad or indifferent. What you have to say is really really important to me because if this series of photos is popular, and if you do think they’re tasteful without pushing the boundaries too far then I know I’ve succeeded in creating a niche that no other (that I know of) wedding photographer has yet done. And that niche is simply this: Boudoir photography for couples (and not just girls). Interesting thought. So I beg you – please leave your comments. Lastly, Katya and Os, thanks for a tremendous day, you guys were quite superb. And Os,  how about an arm wrestle – the first to 5 wins. But only next year, I have a lot of shoots ahead and no free weekends right now. Whoops, almost forgot – Os is a Personal Trainer (who would have thought), so with his permission I might well put his contact details onto my site for those of you who want to get into seriously peak condition come your wedding day. Over and out…

Sexy beach shoot 1

Boudoir shoots for couples

Sexy photo shoot

Boudoir shoots for couples 2

Warren Williams photography couples boudoir shoot

Sexy beach shoot 4

Boy and girl beach photography

Sexy couples shoot

Warren Williams Photography sexy beach shoot

Sandy hug

Chiseled body on the beach

Sexy beach shoot 2

Sexy beach shoot 3

Boudoir photography for couples

Beach embrace

Icy embrace

Chilling in the sun

Boudoir shoot for couples

Tender moment

up close

Hands and arms

Bodies and rock

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