Rob and Kate, Newlands Forest. Not your average e-session this one. Bring along the whole darned family to join in the fun. But then this isn’t your average family. I know this first hand. You see, I’ve known this mob since day dot. Since the day each and every one of them was born. We’ve come a long, long, long way together and it’s been an absolute honour and privilege watching them all grow up into astounding human beings. Talented and clever too. Rob is a top-of-his game beer-brew-maestro (as in, you don’t get better than Rob). Josh is that lawyer guy you want on your team, Rachael is a virus-bacteria sorterer-outer and cure-finder (ja, she’s probably brighter than all 3 of her doff brothers put together). And Ted is a machine. You know that group Diamond Thug? Well he’s the accomplished, degreed musician dude who keeps the tempo together on the drums (I know cool people huh?) So when Rob proposed to his awesome Kate I jumped at the chance to shoot their wedding. I think I probably bullied them into agreeing if the truth be known. They weren’t really given much choice. But hang on, come to think of it, mom Judy kind of bullied me into this shoot as well. ‘All I really, really want is some pics of my family’ she said to me one evening. So Jude’s, here are your photos to go with these one’s sweet girl. A bit of family, and a bit of e-session. And now I have to run – editing their wedding pics and you know Warrie – head down and full steam ahead… 

Rob and Kate, Newlands Forest Rob and Kate, Newlands Forest Warren William Photography, Robbie and Kate, Newlands Forest Robbie and Kate, Newlands Forest e-session Rob and Kate, Newlands Forest Rob and Kate, Newlands Forest, Warren Williams Photography

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