I’ve noticed that there have been quite a lot of people on my Facebook fan page who have recently bought decent DSLR cameras and who are looking for spots to test their skills. But where in the Cape are the best places to shoot? Well there are a lot of places actually, but perhaps one of the very finest is the area around Paternoster. And this is where Shirley, Juan and myself met up a few weeks ago in 6 degree chilliness to get their e-session underway. We kicked off in Tietiesbaai which is such a cool spot with new and interesting photo opportunities around every nook and cranny and gully. It’s a photographers dream – the light is good, the sea always surprises one and each day it just seems to dress itself a little differently from the last. So off we went with Shirl’s and Juan climbing up rocks (and nearly falling off them), running get off cymbalta safely through water, having the odd kissie-kissie here and there and generally providing plenty of entertainment for the resident rock mice. Then back into the cars we jumped and headed through to Paternoster for a few shots on the beach and at the fishing boats. To coin a phrase, it was just ‘lekker.’ Afterwards, Shirl’s and Juan headed off to St Helena Bay where the snoek fisherman were offloading their catches. If you’ve never been to watch this spectacle – go! It’s awesome. So the bottom line is this really – wake up really early on Saturday morning, grab your camera, jump in your car and head 2 hours out of Cape Town. You’ll come back that evening with plenty of awesome photos, you’ll feel exhilarated, tired, happy, and you’ll have snoek to braai. What a bonus. Stay tuned, I’ll be shooting Shirley and Juan’s wedding early in November. Roll on summer, roll on…



Hanging out at the beach

Shirley and Juan engagement session


Beach reflections

Beach reflections

Early morning in Tietiesbaai

Migrating birds during e-session

Happy, fun-loving couple e-shoot

Paternoster engagement shoot on the rocks

e-session at the sea

Juan running over the rocks

Shirley and Juan

Cute couple on rocks at the beach in Paternoster

Stunning couple on high rocks at the sea


Proposing on the beach

blend life events

Shirl's enjoying the early morning sun

Couple on the rocks at Tietiesbaai


Fun in the sun photo shoot

Paternoster, Tietiesbaai photography

Paternoster boats e-session on the beach

Couple kiss in fishing boat

Colorful beach e-session

Shirley sitting next to boats on Paternoster beach

Colorful beach e-session

Colorful beach e-session

Save the date

Shirley McMurray

Intimate moments on the beach

Surfer girl on Paternoster beach

Surfer girl on the beach

Juan looking cool

Kissing on the beach

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