When we were young kids, my mom bought my brother and myself the story of Black Beauty on LP record. We used to listen to it over and over and over again. In fact, I can still narrate large parts of that story from memory. But even though I enjoyed listening to the record, I always used to think to myself: ‘ja right, a talking horse, sure thing.’ I mean seriously, horses don’t even have personalities let alone having the capacity to actually speak. Seems I was wrong, well, not completely wrong, but slightly wrong. You see, at Stef and Fazs’ engagement shoot I discovered two important facts about horses. Firstly, they can’t speak. Which is probably a bit of a bonus. I mean can you imagine a horse turning round to you and saying: ‘hey bro, toss us another carrot.’ But more importantly, I discovered that horses do actually have personalities and very distinct one’s at that. It was awesome to watch Stef and Faz communicate with these animals. I’m actually hesitant to call them animals or beasts because as the paddock lingo was tossed around I realised that when you talk to a horse, you pretty much do so like it’s a good mate of yours. Take a look at that photo of the horse laughing for example. I’m absolutely convinced it was thinking to itself: ‘I bet this photographer is going to ask that guy and his chick to kiss now – how embarrassing – ha, ha, ha!’ Think I’ll try and find that old LP, it must be around here somewhere…

Horse-riding e-session

Warren Williams Photography e-sessions

Horse-riding engagement shoot

Engaged couple in paddock

Faz and horse

Laughing horse

Faz and stef engagement shoot at Hout Bay stables

stef and horse


Warren Williams engagement shoot

Wedding ring and bridle

Hout Bay engagement shoot

Stef and Faz engagement shoot

Warren Williams wedding and engagement photography

Horse riding

Horse riding in Hout Bay couples shoot

Stef and Faz in paddock

Faz on horse

Faz and horse outside paddock

Stef and Faz taking horse to paddockChestnut and grey horses in paddock

Chilling in the paddock

Grey horse in paddock

Intimate moment at e-session

Stef and Faz in paddock

Stef and Faz in paddock e-session

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