Tiaan and Letitia were really cool to work with I must say. It’s rare that you meet someone for the very first time ever, pop them in front of the camera and they just take to it like it’s as easy as building a nice house with taxpayers money (if you know what I mean). Letitia was the winner of my e-session competition which I ran in conjunction with the good folk down at SA Weddings so little wonder she was all smiles. Nothing like a freebie to get the motivational juices flowing I tell you. But if the truth be told, there was something in it for all of us, because it gave me a chance to brush up on my Afrikaans-praat voordat die trou seisoen in alle ernstigheid begin. Because believe me, I’ve been known to drop some absolute clangers when I shoot in Afrikaans. Sometimes wedding guests just stare at me in complete disbelief when I ‘gooi’ my version of what I believe to be correct. So for example, a vineyard in Afrikaans is a ‘boord’ and not a ‘wyngert.’ I kid you not. It’s happened, more than once. Anyway, there I was giving my ‘taalgebruik’ a dusting off and Tiaan and Letitia responded beautifully (whether or not they had the foggiest idea what I was saying at times). I remember Tiaan stepping into a photo I was taking of Letitia by mistake so I told him to ‘hey, bly in you baan.’ He stepped back immediately, so I was clearly doing something right. Here are some of their photos, I hope you enjoy them. Mooi man!

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