Vivek and Palomie, Inverdoorn. So this is how this story goes. It’s 3.00am in the morning. I climb out of the shower in the sleepy town of Prince Alfred Hamlet. I’ve got an hour and a bits drive ahead. Then I hear it ‘bang, bang!’ I look out of the window to see a really bad guy smashing my car window. He sees me, makes a run for it. Half an hour later I’m on my way, window shuddering until it eventually collapses into the car. It’s a bit chilly as the wind rushes in, but at least it’s good to have some fresh air. I arrive at Inverdoorn. It still dark. As I climb out of the car I hear the roar of a lion. All I need now is a hungry cat to come prancing out of the dark to say hello. Inverdoorn is awesome. I’m a bit of a cactus freak and they’re all around me. I meet Marcha and ranger and guide for the morning Natasha. So here’s the lowdown…

Vivek contacted me from London a few months back. He’s a man with a plan. And the plan, was to propose to his long-time girlfriend Palomie while on a game drive. He’d made a sign asking Palomie to marry him, hauled it over on the plane from the UK and the rangers had hung it in a tree the evening before. I was there to capture the moment. So I had to pose as a trainee game ranger, capturing the wildlife with my camera as we bounced along in the truck. I poured a cup of coffee and parked off on a chair as the tourists began to arrive. Vivek and Palomie arrived. Vivek and myself ignored each other – Palomie was oblivious to the goings-on. Wonderful. We jumped into the truck and off we went, Natasha providing some seriously intriguing info on the cheetahs, rhino, hippos, giraffes, and ellies as we went along. After about an hour and half or so she suggested we stop for some drinks and snacks. ┬áThat was my cue. I got out of the truck. Vivek and Palomie got out of the truck. Natasha pretended there was something in the bush and handed a set of binoculars to Vivek. This was acting of the highest order. I glanced over at Palomie – she was sold all the way down the line. Vivek handed the binocs to Palomie who was now doing her level best to find the ‘whatever it was’ in the bush. Then she saw that sign, looking at Vivek a bit startled and confused. Then she looked through the binocs again and Vivek fell to his knees. Vivek proposed beautifully. Palomie cried tears of joy. And then she said… ‘yes, yes, yes.’ And that is how their story begins. Cool huh? Here are the photos!

Warren Williams Photography
Vivek and Palomie, Inverdoorn Inverdoorn cheetah Vivek and Palomie, Inverdoorn Vivek and Palomie, Inverdoorn proposal Vivek and Palomie, Inverdoorn, Warren Williams Photography Vivek and Palomie, Inverdoorn Vivek and Palomie, InverdoornWill you marry me InverdoornWarren Williams Photography

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