It all started quite calmly down at The Lookout at the V&A Waterfront. What. A. Venue. Lexi arrived for her Bat Mitzvah. Her friends arrived. Background music was playing nicely in the background. Sushi tables, cheese platters, soups, salmon, breads and more were presented. Guests tucked in. Then came the speeches. Good, mature, responsible, heart-warming speeches. Then it was time for the stilt walkers, the dudes that throw ice cream high into the air as they serve it to you, and of course, the ever busy photo booth. And then? Well then Nomad Productions decided to turn it up a notch. And all hell broke loose. Whew. The kids of today have energy. Come to think of it, so do some of the older folk. I was running backwards and forwards, sweat running down the sides of my face, chasing this piece of action, then that piece of action. Never a dull moment. Lexi was being thrown around the room like a rag doll from one group to the next, but she handled it like a pro. I mean hey, come on, you either step up to the plate and dance like a machine or you don’t. How she managed to avoid being trampled to death I will never know! But she survived and at the end of the evening I reckon there were a couple of extremely exhausted people making their way home. BUT! Not before an extremely grand and impressive dinner. AND! A sweet table the likes I have never seen before. This wasn’t the odd cake here and there. This was serious stuff. Like seriously serious. There must have been 30 different cakes and at least 5000 sweets and chocolates of all shapes and sizes and makes out there. It was kiddie heaven (and I’m not even including the Pimp your Cupcake table either). Of course, I didn’t try any of the sweets. Well okay, maybe one. Anne Mann, you suuuure know a thing or two about putting an event together!

Lexi's Bat Mitzah

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Lexi's Bat Mitzah

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Lexi's Bat Mitzah

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Lexi's Bat Mitzah

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Lexi's Bat Mitzah

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