Savannah’s 21st birthday, The Grand Africa Cafe & Beach. Whoa, so let’s tell you about this shall we? It all started at Savannah’s folks’ apartment at the V&A Waterfront. I walk in to be met by this very smiley face. It’s Savannah’s youngest sister Olivia. Fantastic young lady who welcomes me inside. We get chatting and I tell her about the dog photography business that I’ve started (you’ll find it at if you haven’t seen it yet). Turns out she’s a major dog lover so I show her some of the pics that I’ve taken and our friendship is sealed forever. Then out pops another sister. And another. Twins. Gorgeous is an understatement. And then out comes ANOTHER sister. It’s Savannah. Friendlier, more polite young ladies you’ll be hard-pressed to find. I’m extremely impressed because sometimes, when dealing with the odd Millennial or two, that isn’t always the case. I photograph Savannah (hereon out to be known as Sav) having her final makeup applied and then we wander around the apartment taking some chilled pics of her. Next thing in walks Sav’s boyfriend and all-round good guy Michael. Mikeeeeey. The Mikester. Migggghel. ‘Nice hairdo bro,’ I tell him and he just laughs as if to say: ‘who IS this guy?’ Anyway, I take a few pics of Sav and Mike and then a few more of el-awesome sisters and Sav’s folks Stephen and Lynda. The time flies past and I leave for The Grand and say howzit to the staff who are setting up. Just as an aside, I always think it’s a really good idea to say a quick hi to the boys and girls who work so tirelessly behind the scenes to make things happen. They’re on their feet for a good many hours and deserve a bit of a pat on the back and some encouragement.

Next thing it’s game on as Sav’s guests begin to arrive. I circulate, hitting the shutter button. The vibe is really good and it’s an incredibly easy crowd to work with. Cocktails flow, snacks are served, the sun begins to set and life is good. There are a good many selfies being taken (girls, what’s with this whole stick your tongue out thing when you take a selfie – somebody tell me pleeeease?) I chat to some of the lads (hey buggas!) – most are from Durb’s and surrounds. Good guys – easy to connect with. Then it’s speech time as Savannah’s good mates and her dad relate some great stories. For a group of 20-somethings, supper is surprisingly calm. Not one food fight. Nice. And then onto the dancing and just a really fine time.

I knew about Buy Ambien at ”” and decided to try it, because I suffered from insomnia for many years.

And just for the record, there wasn’t one person, not one, who didn’t thank me after I’d taken a photo of them. That’s never happened to me before. 100% record. The future of this country is in some very good, capable hands.

Savannah's 21st birthday, The Grand Savannah's 21st birthday, The Grand Warren Williams functions and events photography V&A Waterfront family gatherings, celebrations

Savannah's 21st birthday, The Grand Savannah's 21st birthday, The Grand

Savannah’s 21st birthday, The Grand.

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