Gabi Lowe, The Coaching Nest. Have you ever stopped for a moment and wondered about just how many people we come into contact with in our lifetimes? It’s more than a few – many, many thousands in fact. The teller at the Post Office, the grey old lady in the queue, the plumber and his assistant, the mom cheering her kid on from the side of the field. Many people. Each with their own story to tell. Enter Gabi Lowe, stage left. Now it feels like I’ve known Gab’s forever, even though I haven’t. Her brother once coached me at rugby when I was Under 13. I remember him being quite a good coach, even though we lost most of our games (thanks for trying Craig). Then, when I reached 18 or so, there was Gabi in that tent in Camps Bay as we all boogied on down. I never spoke to her, but I remember that day well because I think it was the first time I kissed Helen (I hope my kids don’t read this because it could get messy). ‘Dad, that’s just DISGUSTING’ and all. Anyway, the years passed, we all grew up, went our own ways, blahdey blah. Then, 3 weeks ago, I received a call from Gabi. She wanted me to design and build a website for her business, The Coaching Nest. Check it out: We decided to base the look and feel around nature, so off we popped into Newlands Forest for a professional image branding shoot of Gab’s. Then I took some relaxed shots of her at home and a few more in the delightful park just down the road from her house. There’s a bench in the park in memory of their gorgeous, courageous daughter Jenna Lowe who passed away from a rare disease called Pulmonary Hypertension in 2015. I’d love to encourage you to read about it here and you’ll soon realise that Gabi has been through the tumble-dryer of life. Which is why, if there’s anybody who understands what its like to find the strength to get up and keep going, it’s this amazingly strong woman. Positive, resilient, caring, focused, lead-by-example Gabi. From personal adversity to helping people become the very best that they can be. We need more Gabi’s in the world. Love you to bits you legend.

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