BBBRRRR… As hot as it was at Karl and Tam’s wedding, the reverse was true when we set out to Trash Tam’s dress. It was cold, wet, windy, miserable. Which is pretty much a dream come true. NowI’m quite well known for changing plan in mid-stride when it comes to taking photos in these sorts of conditions (no, in any conditions actually). Normally the indications are there the day before the shoot. I tend to pace around a lot. Then I ‘um’ and ‘ah’ a bit. Then I pace around some more. Then I get into bed feeling a little uneasy and slightly unsure of what I’m going to do. Then I fall asleep and according to Helen, snore. The following morning I open my eyes, and generally, ‘ping’ the solution pops into my head. Which is exactly what happened with Tam and Karl. So I changed tack completely, and we headed off in the car for Velddrif. It’s probably only right at this stage to tell you that Gillian, my 15-year old daughter had decided that this shoot was the right one to launch her career as a budding photographer. So into the car she jumped with camera and iPad and off we headed. About 3 minutes 48 seconds into the shoot I heard Gilli say: ‘Sjoe, nice shot I’ve just taken dad. And I got the back of your head into the shot too. Did you know you’re get cymbalta free going bald?’ Now listen, NOBODY, but NOBODY, tells a man he MIGHT, be going bald. We don’t tell you you look fat in your jeans, so leave the top of our heads alone. The next thing, she does it again: ‘Oh look, here’s another angle! You really are thinning a bit hey daddy-o!’ For the rest of the shoot she continued to tell me what stunning photos she was taking and how I best be careful because she thought that her photos were going to be better than mine. We headed back home where Hel was making fried eggs on toast. So we all gulped some down and then headed down to the beach with our dog, Budweiser in tow. Karl and Tam must have wondered on earth kind of completely loony family they’d walked into. But they took it all in their stride – even when Budweiser decided to get in on a bit of the action! Once we’d finished, a very wet Tam headed for the bath while I rustled up a fire. Oh, and Gilli started editing the photos she’d taken. Which were sort of okaaaaay, I suppose. None of them are below, but her’s the deal – once she’s finished editing them, I’m going to put them onto my Facebook page and you can make up your own minds. And Gillian, I’m NOT going bald. I just didn’t brush my hair properly, alright!

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Bride on jetty, Trash the Dress

Bride and fishing boat

Bride, fishing boats, jetty

Bride, jetty, Warren Williams Photography

Bride, jetty, early morning

Tamlyn and Karl Trash the Dress

Warren Williams Photography, Rock the Frock

Bride, groom, jetty

Fishing boat wedding series

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Wedding Trash the Dress

Velddrif wedding photos

Bride at lowtide

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Bride, jetty, fishing boats, coast

Red boat and bride

Bride and dog on coast

Bride and dog

Bride, dog

Bride with dog


Moody jetty with bride

Groom walking to bride

Cloudy wedding photos

Rainy wedding photos

Bride, harbour

Bride, groom, harbour

Bride laughing, harbor

Bride, fishing trawler

Harbor kiss

Tamlyn Lambson Trash the Dress

Karl and Tamlyn laughing

Bride running through water

Bride and groom playing in sea

Trash the Dress with Doberman

Budweiser and bride

West Coast bride

Pearly's Restaurant, bride

Warren Williams wedding photographer

Bride splashing in water

Bride in lagoon

bride and groom kissing in lagoon

Bride and groom kissing in sea water

Bride and groom falling into water

Tam and Karl lagoon

Bride, Jan of Langebaan

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