Allow me to explain something to you about the way I shoot weddings that not even my wife can come to grips with. When I shoot, two things happen very, very, very quickly. Firstly, my fingers move flatout all the time as a I change my shutter speeds and my aperture settings. Secondly, I think very, very, very fast. I’m constantly working out what the next shot is going to be, where it’s going to be taken, how I’m going to place people, whose going to be in the shot, how I’m going to make it different and unusual, and finally, how on earth I’m going to make people respond in the most natural way possible. I’m leaving a few things out here, but you get the idea. Add to that the fact that it might be extremely hot, or the wind might be pumping and I also need to factor into this how I’m going to keep the guests, family and bridal couple calm, relaxed and in good spirits. Now when all of these things kick into gear, there is one thing that goes consistently wrong and it’s this: I ALWAYS end up calling people the wrong names. At this wedding, Adrian, (my really cool groom) was the very lucky recipient. I kept calling the poor chap Richard. I mean come on! Wake up Warren! And it didn’t happen once or twice, it happened a dozen or more times. Candice’s maiden name was Richards so clearly that’s where the complete and utter confusion came in. But there can be no excuses – I mean, it’s not like I’d only just met Richard, er, Adrian – we’d done an engagement shoot together (which is here) and had breakfast and numerous chit-chats for crying out loud. Anyway, it did add a bit of confusion and fun to the day which was amazing. And oh my word, as for the game that was played during the reception – what a cracker of a way to get the reception really going! Basically, Candice and Richard (make that Adrian), sat on two chairs. Behind them, a guest lifted up different cards, one by one with different messages on them. As a card was lifted, if what was written on the card applied to you, you hit the dancefloor as the DJ played a song which was a clue to what was written on the card. Candice and Adrian then had to guess what was written on the card. I was extremely relieved to note that when ‘WEARING A THONG’ was held up, no boys got onto the dancefloor. Enjoy the photos! Oh, one last thing – guys that minister of yours was brilliant – a one-man comedy show. I have NEVER heard such a refreshingly funny service in all of my life – nice choice!

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