Robbie and Caitlin, Kronenburg. I’m not sure if this was actually a wedding. Well maybe it was. In the beginning that is. The wonderful Alicia Buckle kicked off by doing Caitlin’s hair and make-up with a calmness that has become her trademark. Hot looking guests all dolled up arrived, sipped champagne, ate canapés, stood around nicely for photos. Well-behaved bunch. Robbie was cool and relaxed. The venue inside looked awesome thanks to the ever-positive and energetic Izandi of IDO4U. Nico Laubscher’s magical touch was there for all to see. The ceremony went off without a hitch (except for Caitlin’s veil heading off in the wind). The formal photos were a synch. The reception began, great starters, good main dish. Perfecto I tell you. The speeches started. All went well. And then the Bestman and Maid of Honour started their speeches. It was at that moment that Kronenburg was transformed into a late night comedy club. Jan, the Bestman was giving it horns and Caitlin’s dad was floored mail order cymbalta more than once at some of the revelations. But that was just the beginning, because next thing, Robbie stepped up to the plate with his band and Kronenburg turned into U2 Live in New York City. Like really. The boys were not exactly shy as they hammed it up on electric guitar, bass and drums for the fans. Everyone (and I mean everyone) got involved on that dance floor. If last wedding season was ‘the year of romance,’ this wedding season is most definitely going to be ‘the year they came to party.’ I kid you not. My ears are still ringing. Robbie and Caitlin, you are indeed rockstars. Here are a few of their photos…Robbie and Caitlin, Kronenburg Robbie and Caitlin, Kronenburg Alicia Buckle, Warren Williams Photography Alicia Buckle Alicia Buckle hair and make-up Kronenburg weddings-31Kronenburg weddings-33Kronenburg weddings-34 Kronenburg weddings-35Kronenburg weddings-37Kronenburg weddings-36 Kronenburg weddings-38 Kronenburg weddings-21 Kronenburg weddings-2 Robbie and Caitlin, Kronenburg Kronenburg weddings-39 Kronenburg weddings-40 Kronenburg weddings-7 Kronenburg weddings-6 Kronenburg weddings-5 Kronenburg weddings-18 Kronenburg weddings-47Kronenburg weddings-4Kronenburg weddings-48Kronenburg weddings-49 Kronenburg weddings-50 Kronenburg weddings-51 Kronenburg weddings-52Kronenburg weddings-53Kronenburg weddings-23Kronenburg weddings-8Kronenburg weddings-9Kronenburg weddings-19Kronenburg weddings-10 Kronenburg weddings-11 Kronenburg weddings-12 Kronenburg weddings-41 Kronenburg weddings-54Kronenburg weddings-57 Kronenburg weddings-56 Kronenburg weddings-44 Kronenburg weddings-13 Kronenburg weddings-24 Kronenburg weddings-55 Kronenburg weddings-59IDO4U nconcepts and designs IDO4U Izandi van Wyk nconcepts and designs, Nico LaubscherKronenburg weddings-58 Kronenburg weddings-60 Kronenburg weddings-61Kronenburg weddings-62Kronenburg weddings-64 Kronenburg weddings-63Kronenburg weddings-65Kronenburg weddings-45 Kronenburg weddings-43 Kronenburg weddings-15Kronenburg weddings-66Kronenburg weddings-46Kronenburg weddings-14 Kronenburg weddings-68



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